The South Carolina Archaeology Public Outreach Division, Inc. (SCAPOD) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. SCAPOD was established in 2010 with a mission to encourage knowledge of South Carolina’s cultural heritage and archaeology.


By using the slogan ‘Preserving Heritage through Archaeology Education,’ SCAPOD will ensure the studies of cultural heritage and archaeology are used as innovative educational tools to help people learn about history and diversity. Thus, SCAPOD will encourage sustainable support for the preservation of cultural resources within the state of South Carolina.


Kimberly Cavanagh, Anthropology Professor, University of South Carolina – Beaufort
Audrey Dawson-Croft, Archaeologist
Heléna Ferguson*, Anthropology Professor, Midlands Technical College
Meg Gaillard*, Archaeologist, SCDNR Heritage Trust Program
Jeremy VanderKnyff, Performance Improvement Consultant, SCDHEC
JoAnn Zeise, Curator of History, South Carolina State Museum

Executive Director

E. Shofner*


SCAPOD is always looking for new volunteers to assist with programs throughout the year. Our volunteers include retired educators, archaeology students, professional archaeologists, and those just interested in archaeology. If you would like to become a SCAPOD volunteer, please contact us today.

*SCAPOD co-founder